Meet Verkada’s New Talk Down Speaker

Verkada Alarms gives organizations the ability to protect their people and property from immediate threats. In some cases that means automatically dispatching the police to respond to criminal activity. Unfortunately, with law enforcement resources stretched thin, it’s becoming easier for criminals to commit a crime and escape before the police can arrive. In many cases, an organization’s best response is deterrence measures that scare off intruders before they can do damage. While devices like sirens and strobe lights can be helpful, nothing is as effective as a live human voice.

We’re excited to launch the BZ11 Horn Speaker, a powerful device that allows both users and professional monitoring agents to talk down to intruders from nearly anywhere via Verkada’s Command dashboard or mobile app.

Simple Setup and Configuration

The BZ11 speaker can be paired with one or more cameras in Command with a single click; no complex integrations or configurations required. A single speaker can be paired with multiple cameras in a given location, and a single camera can be tied to multiple speakers for broader coverage.

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One-Click User Talk Down

If a user sees something suspicious on camera, they can simply click the talk icon on that camera feed and talk down through the associated speaker(s). If an organization does not have any cameras associated with a speaker, users can also talk down from the Devices page in Command. The BZ11 also has an integrated microphone to enable two-way communication. User talk down is available to all Verkada camera customers who purchase the BZ11, and does not require an LIC-BA Alarm License.

24/7 Coverage with Monitoring Agent Talk Down

Many organizations, however, don’t have dedicated staff watching camera feeds around the clock, and that’s where professional monitoring agents come in. If an alarm is triggered, a live agent will review the video footage and can talk down through the BZ11. Additional alarm responses, like requesting police dispatch, can follow.

Additionally, organizations can configure text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages to play through the speaker as an automated response if an alarm is triggered. Monitoring agent talk down and automated messages are available with the addition of an LIC-BA Alarm License.

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