PoPo Facebook Post Ask People to ‘Hold Off’ on Crimes During Heat Wave; Wait until Its Cooler

Due to rising temperatures that have a reported 157 million people under heat warnings, Massachusetts police are asking people to “hold off” on committing crimes until the weather cools off.

The Braintree Police Department posted the proposition to aspiring criminals, on Facebook Friday. “Folks. Due to the extreme heat, we are asking anyone thinking of doing criminal activity to hold off until Monday,” read the post. “It is straight up hot as soccer balls out there. Conducting criminal activity, in this extreme heat is next level henchmen status, and also very dangerous.”

The post continued, “Stay home, blast the AC, binge Stranger Things season 3, play with the face app, practice karate in your basement. We will all meet again on Monday when it’s cooler.” It was signed “The PoPo” with a post-script: “Please no spoiler alerts. We’re just finishing season 2…” Yahoo! Lifestyle

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