Police Seeing Increase in Self-Checkout Thefts

Thefts associated with the Westerly (Connecticut) Walmart’s self-checkout system have increased recently, with local police officers arresting five customers in two days in early March. A company spokesman said the business is committed to reducing theft and hopes that the rise in theft reports is just a blip.

Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said the department has seen an uptick in the number of calls for service at the store, at 259 Post Road. In each case, he said, misuse of the self-checkout system played a role.

“All the cases have a similar pattern,” Lacey said. “In each case, the individual or individuals either paid for a small portion of their carriage before leaving or simply scanned items and left without paying at all.”

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Westerly police logs show that five people were charged with misdemeanor shoplifting at Walmart between 11 AM on March 6 and 5 PM on March 7. Four were Westerly residents and one was from Stonington, and two people were charged in one of the incidents. Additionally, a Hopkinton resident was charged with shoplifting in another self-checkout case on March 10… The Westerly Sun

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