Police Chiefs Push Back on Law Blamed for Spike in Property Crime

In November 2020, Californians will vote to either keep changes they made to their criminal justice system in 2014, or undo some of them.

Five years have passed, in which Californians have seen the negative impacts of Proposition 47, says California Police Chiefs Association President Ronald Lawrence. Among those negative impacts, he said, is the rise of marauding bands of shoplifters terrorizing stores across the state.

He is confident that, although 60 percent of Californians voted “yes” on Proposition 47 in 2014, a majority of Californians will vote to reverse it this year. One of the effects of Proposition 47 was to make the theft of goods worth $950 or less a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Criminals involved in organized retail theft roam from store to store and city to city, never exceeding the $950 limit in any one place, said Lawrence… The Epoch Times

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