Photo Prompts Swift Backlash for Anti-Theft Devices on Darker Shades of Makeup

Target is facing backlash after a customer noticed an Austin, Texas, location put anti-theft devices only on darker shades of foundation.

“Hey, @Target any reason you only put these anti theft devices on the darkest shades,” the woman, who identified herself as Tall-yuh reportedly tweeted.

The woman’s post attracted more than 18,000 likes and hundreds of comments this month, 7 News reported Thursday. Although Target hasn’t responded to an Atlanta Black Star request for comment, the company said it was aware of Tall-yuh’s tweet in a response on the social media platform Thursday.

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“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please DM us with your email address, the store location and time/date this picture was taken,” Target tweeted. “You can also contact us here We would like to look further into this. Thanks. ”The post attracted both criticism and unanswered requests on Twitter for Target to publicly explain the decision in question… Atlanta Black Star

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