Pharmacy Makes History with Drone Prescription Delivery

CVS Health Corp. is achieving its own milestone in the growing world of on-demand drone deliveries. Following Walgreens’ historic trial of “store to door” drone-based consumer delivery launched in October, CVS Pharmacy has completed the first revenue-generating drone delivery of a medical prescription from one of its stores directly to a consumer’s home in Cary, N.C. This was followed by another delivery of a medical prescription to a second customer in a nearby retirement community.

The flights launched from a CVS store in Cary and flew to CVS customers’ homes. The drones flew autonomously but were monitored by a remote operator who could intervene if necessary. The drone hovered about 20 feet over the properties and slowly lowered the packages by a cable and a winch to the ground. One of the packages was delivered to a CVS customer whose limited mobility makes it difficult to travel to a store to pick up a prescription. The deliveries are part of a recently announced collaboration between CVS and… Chain Store Age

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