People On the Move: January-February 2016

Blue Montez has been appointed Vice President of Risk Management for American Apparel.

George Schweitzer, CFI was named Zone AP Leader, and Richard Stidham is now an Area AP Leader for Big Lots.

Adam Fulton has a new position as Regional LP Manager for Cracker Barrel.

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Sherry Nichols is now a Regional LP Manager for Destination Maternity.

Peter Van Loon was made Manager of Information Security for Eddie Bauer.

Dave Anatra is now a Regional LP Supervisor for Goodwill Industries.

Ron Smith, CPP was made Director, Global Physical Security and Compliance for Mattel.

Frank Camerino has been appointed Vice President of Business Development for Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group.

Ron Taylor, CFI is now a Senior Regional AP Manager, and Kim Schmidt, CFI was made a Regional AP Manager for Regis.

David Cohen is a Corporate Multi-Channel AP Manager for Rent-A-Center.

Chris Savage is now an AP District Manager for Rite Aid.

Sdiqa Sharifi was made Senior Manager, RISC for Ross Stores.

Jason Alexander was made Regional Director Asset and Profit Protection for Sears Holdings.

Chuck Reno, CFE has been appointed Vice President, Risk Management for Sotheby’s.

Joseph Rapacz was named Regional LP Manager for Spencer Gifts.

Jeremy Willis was made a Senior Executive Team Leader for Target.

Steven Bova, CPP was appointed Director of AP for Taco Bell.

Julie Giblin has a new position as Vice President of LP for ULTA Beauty.

Neema Wasira-Johnson is now Manager of Information Security Services for Walgreens.

Jeff Buskirk is now a Market AP Manager, and Vincent Sonner is now Senior Manager GISAT Associate Vetting for Walmart.

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