Parking Lot Shooting; 1 Dead, Shooter at Large

Police in Renton, Washington, are investigating a deadly shooting that happened in the Walmart parking lot. The retail store was already closed due to an unrelated fire from the night before. Police still don’t have a lot of information about why the shooting took place but a witness says he saw the whole thing as it happened.

“All I saw was a guy in a gray hoodie get in the passenger seat of this black car, I believe it was a 4-door, and and shoot this guy, pop pop pop pop, like four or five times,” Travis Daughtry said. Daughtry says he was standing near the Dollar Tree in the Walmart shopping center in Renton when shots rang out. “Gets out, takes off towards the Sonic. The black car slams into Walmart and it wasn’t pretty,” Daughtry said.

Renton Police say a 16-year-old male was shot and killed after multiple people got into an altercation inside of a car outside of Walmart. The teenage victim was driving the car which slammed into the front of the store. “Walmart is closed. They had a fire yesterday apparently so their surveillance equipment is down but we do have some mobile surveillance units that apparently they set up for extra security so we’re checking that now,” said aid Commander Dave Liebman with the Renton Police Department.

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Liebman says there was at least one other person in the car at the time of the shooting and that person is cooperating with police. He says they don’t know why the teenager was shot or why they were in the Walmart parking lot. A stray bullet also hit the Pho 88 Cafe but Liebman says no one else was injured. Renton Police say the suspected shooter is still on the run and they’ll continue to investigate the shooting until they find him.    [Source: Q13 Fox News]

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