Pandemic Isn’t Stopping Scammers from Trying to Steal Benefits of $2T Federal Stimulus

The $2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress is enticing fraudsters to scam people who are going through emotional turmoil because of the COVID-19 crisis sweeping the country, experts now say.

The public is being advised to be on the alert for fraud with their credit cards and banking as fraudsters target people who are vulnerable either because they are suffering from the virus, have family members who may have it, or are fearful of getting it. Consumers are also vulnerable because of the stress of being quarantined or sheltered in their homes.

Thomas C. Edwards, Special Agent in Charge for the US Secret Service says they expect fraudsters will target vulnerable individuals as government stimulus money flows to help those who are unemployed or financially unstable. The Secret Service has a history of tracking counterfeiting but also investigates credit card fraud, financial crimes, and identity threat on a large international scale.

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Edwards said that the stimulus money is expected to attract fraudsters who will try to trick people into giving banking information, passwords, social security numbers and other information to give fraudsters a way into a personal account to access the incoming funds. He said this also occurs when people are getting tax refunds… AMNY

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