Pair Sentenced to Prison for Organized Retail Crime

Cassey Noel Perkins and Ryan Allen Vanostrand, both Turlock (California) residents, were arrested back in late August 2019. Officers say the pair hit a Kohl’s store in Manteca, first staging clothes by an exit so that they could quickly grab the merchandise and run without paying.

Officers were in contact with Kohl’s employees as the pair prepared, however. The officers were right there waiting when the suspects made their move. Merchandise stolen from other stores was also found in the pair’s car.

Perkins has since been convicted of grand theft with priors of felony convictions. On Wednesday, Manteca police announced she has been sentenced to four years in state prison. Vanostrand was also convicted of grand theft with other priors. He was given a five years in state prison sentence… CBS13 News

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