OROCC Planning 2014 Conference

A message from Meijer loss prevention to vendor-partners and solution providers:

The OROCC (Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition) conference committee is once again planning the annual OROCC conference for 2014. For the past two years we’ve seen members of law enforcement and retail Asset Protection Investigators from various companies come together and share information regarding Organized Retail Crime and ways in which we can work together to decrease the impact criminal groups are having on not only our business but our communities as well. We are seeing positive changes and our hope is to continue the growth and success that we’ve seen in years past which is due in large part to our outstanding sponsors and vendors like you!

We are reaching out to those of you who have either expressed interest in becoming vendors at the conference or who we feel we be excellent partners with OROCC in order to increase awareness of ORC crimes and some of the tools currently in place in order to deter large scale crime groups that are currently affecting us all. Some of you may have very brand specific ways in which you secure your products against theft and fraudulent recreation. We  welcome the opportunity for you to showcase those tools to a large group of state wide law enforcement and retail investigators in order to increase security awareness on these products.  We do have a limited number of spots available and we are offering those spaces to you currently on a first come first serve basis so please register early in order to secure your spots as we don’t want anyone to miss out on this proactive event!

- Sponsors -

Please see the attached vendor registration form. You will notice that the registration form which should contain all of your information is at the top and listed below are various levels of sponsorship we have available for those who want to go the extra mile and sponsor the conference in some way. Any company who sponsors on any level will receive recognition via conference publications at the event. We have many opportunities available and are also accepting smaller donations as well.

For those who would like to rent a booth and become a vendor only those two options are listed near the bottom of the registration form as well. We currently have two options available and are described in the attached registration from. Please feel free to contact  Jodi Hinkle at Jodi.Hinkle@meijer.com with questions if you need clarification or have an additional need we might be able to assist you with.

Vendor Registration

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