Kevin Metcalf, founder of the National Child Protection Task Force, discusses the relationship between human trafficking, child exploitation, and organized retail crime at the LPM Spring Fling virtual event on March 23, 2021. The task force was founded to provide detectives, analysts, and officers access to investigative expertise and resources that are unavailable or under-funded in most law enforcement organizations. The members of the task force volunteer their time to any agency—small or large, international or local—on important, time-sensitive cases focused on human trafficking, child exploitation, and missing persons cases. Watch his presentation below or click here to listen to the podcast version.

Kevin Metcalf
Kevin Metcalf

Kevin Metcalf is a former federal agent turned prosecutor and founder of the National Child Protection Task Force. He has assisted with the recovery of numerous missing and exploited children and the identification and apprehension of sexual predators in multiple states. His law enforcement experience ranges from local to federal over more than 20 years. His interest in the criminal use of mobile devices led to the development of a system that uses cellphone-related data in criminal cases focuses on the integration of legally derived information with open source information (OSINT).

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