Officer Dragged with Car; Prosecutors Ask For No Bail

On Friday, Madison County District Attorney Robert Broussard argued in a motion that Blake Reed’s pattern of shoplifting arrests caused him to forfeit his right to a bond.

The DA referred to the nine charges of Third-Degree Theft and one charge of Second-Degree Theft that Reed acquired between January 25, 2020, and February 3, 2021. During that window, he was also charged with two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Broussard cited the case Shabazz v. State and stated that “It is well-settled that a Defendant, while normally entitled to a bond in a noncapital case, can forfeit that right to bond by affirmative evidence of felonious activity subsequent to making a bond.”

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Preceding Thursday’s arrest for shoplifting among other charges, Huntsville Police said that Reed got into a physical fight with an officer and then dragged him with his car.
WAAY 31 reached out to the law firm of Brinkley & Brinkley, which is listed as his attorney for many of the previous offenses. They declined to comment Friday afternoon.

Stores in which Blake Reed is charged of shoplifting (according to court records):

  • Home Depot (x4)
  • Rural King (x2)
  • Staples
  • Target (x4)

As of Friday night, a judge had not responded to the request… WAAY31 News

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