NJ Targets Retailers That Lack Gun Control Measures

New Jersey’s Democratic governor signed an executive order Tuesday morning barring the state government from doing business with firearms manufacturers and dealers that do not adhere to strict gun control measures.

Governor Phil Murphy’s four-page order called for gun makers, vendors and financial institutions to stem gun violence by preventing criminal firearms sales to straw purchasers who can’t legally buy guns themselves and use another person to get a hold of them through other means.

“New Jersey has committed to a whole-of-government approach to tackle gun violence,” Murphy said in a statement. “I have signed comprehensive, commonsense gun safety and gun-violence intervention legislation, and now, under this executive order, my administration is committed to making our communities safer by aiming to do business with gun dealers that have adopted best practices to reduce gun violence.”

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“We want those who do business with New Jersey to share our values and be committed to ending the scourge of gun violence in our communities,” the governor added. Murphy’s executive order requires that gun dealers… Courthouse News Service

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