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Retail Trends Indicate Holiday Sales Stronger than Expected

Retailers have good reason to celebrate the start of the new year, with the latest retail trends indicating that the holiday shopping season has...

Interview and Interrogation Training: Emphatic Denials

In this week’s WZ / IAI interview and interrogation training tip, Dave Thompson, CFI is discussing one type of a verbal resistance a subject...

When Building a Loss Prevention Career, Recognize What Holds You Back

Professional growth is something that most of us strive for. It’s one of the many things that we use to measure our quality of...
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A Professional Development Plan Beyond Loss Prevention

Editor’s Note: As one of LP Magazine’s top articles of 2015, this story draws attention to the importance of expanding our options—and our opportunities...

Tucson TV News Anchor Reflects on How a Shoplifting Charge Changed Her Life

On February 11, 2012, officers of the Tucson Police Department cited former Tucson KVOA news anchor Martha Vazquez on a shoplifting charge. According to...

“Fight for $15” and Loss Prevention Concerns

Editor’s Note: We wrote about it back in June, but the “Fight for $15” campaign for a higher federal minimum wage in the United...
retail technologies retail industry

Post-Holiday Merchandise Return Fraud

Returns and return fraud are a big issue—and getting bigger. In 2014, $284 billion worth of retail merchandise was returned in the United States,...

Police: Employee Theft Incident Involves Drug Diversion

A pharmacy worker working at a Walmart in Delray Beach, Florida has been arrested and charged in an employee theft incident that allegedly involves...
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Risk Management Solutions for e-Commerce

Editor's Note: Many of the subjects discussed in this article are as valid today as they were when the content was originally presented, while other...
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LP101: Loss Prevention Audit Principles

The loss prevention audit is a means of providing an objective and consistent evaluation of company standards, operating procedures and internal controls. Using both...

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