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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… for Hackers

There are so many ways for the holidays to turn sour for an online retailer. Gift cards and loyalty points, not subject to the...

It’s Not a Process; It’s a Mindset

Experienced loss prevention professionals are used to a certain process of developing solutions to mitigate loss—we look at the tools we already have and try to come up with new ways to use them. However, this is not the future of innovation anywhere, let alone for the rapidly evolving landscape of retail.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Service Provider?

Fire alarm and security is a critical component of the operation of any facility. The effectiveness of your systems is influenced by the company you trust to service your equipment.

The Dynamic, Challenging, Innovative World of Risk Management

In an exclusive interview, LPM Executive Editor Jim Lee speaks with Kurt Leisure, vice president of risk services for The Cheesecake Factory. Leisure, who is responsible for risk management, insurance claims, safety, and loss prevention, provides valuable, wide-ranging insights on these important retail industry topics.

Shoplifter Threatens LP Associate with Gun

A Monroe (Louisiana) man is facing multiple charges, including armed robbery, after threatening a worker at Belk with a gun following a shoplifting attempt....

Two Years in Prison for First Person Sentenced in ‘Flash Mob’ ORC

The first of eight people to be sentenced for a “flash mob” retail theft in Pleasant Prairie (Wisconsin) will spend two years in prison....

FBI Involved after Couple is Arrested for Multi-State Credit Card Fraud; Package Theft

A Las Vegas couple is in jail on more than 30 felony charges each after police responded to a Cedar City (Utah) hotel for...

Fulfilling Your Role in the Industry

Interview with Isabelle Devereux, LPC: With five years of profit protection experience, Isabelle Devereux currently works as a regional profit protection manager and oversees the security operations center for British retailer John Lewis.
money bills cash

Mother and Son Arrested after Faking Armed Robbery

The Thurston County (Washington) Sheriff’s Office said a mother, son and friend orchestrated a scheme to steal cash from a Thurston County Chevron. According...

Woman Arrested for Theft Says It’s an ‘Adrenaline Thing’

A (Yakima) woman is under arrest after police say she assaulted Fred Meyer store workers while trying to steal thousands of dollars worth of...

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