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Suspect Shoplifted over $1.1M in Merchandise

This is not your typical shoplifting case. For the last nine-years, 35-year-old Ryan Walker of Indianapolis has allegedly been stealing items from "big box"...

Protective Signage Research Seeks to Determine If Signage Impacts Theft and Customer Behavior

Protective signage is designed to credibly warn offenders that their contemplated criminal act will be quickly detected and seriously responded to. Signage can also prime or reinforce other interventions like CCTV or EAS. But do customers, and more importantly potential offenders, even notice signage and, if so, does it deter theft?

C-Store Clerk Convicted of Murder for Shooting Teen Taking a $2 Beer

A jury found a grocery clerk guilty of killing a 17-year-old boy who left the store with a beer he didn't pay for in...

5 Arrested for $500K in Credit Card Fraud

Five people are under arrest for fraud this morning, accused in a shopping scheme that lasted more than a year.Investigators say the group bought...

Police Officer Busted by Mall Cop for Shoplifting $300 Worth of Clothing

An NYPD officer was busted for shoplifting expensive clothing from a Staten Island department store, police sources said Saturday. Sadokat Makhsudova, 24, was caught...

Old School Crook Allegedly Steals $1,800 by Swapping Barcodes

Kristina Marie Rembao, 33, of Adams was charged with felony theft by swindle on Thursday in Mower County District Court.According to the court complaint,...

Shoppers Panic as Security Officer Fires at Man with Knife

A man who robbed an armored car guard at a Southern California shopping plaza was captured Friday after the guard fired gunshots that sent...

W-Z Video: 18 Steps as Muscle Memory

Not every time we sit down to talk to someone are we necessarily going to use the W-Z method. But when we do, we should be prepared to talk through every step of the W-Z method, which means all 18. We should also be prepared to hit each component of each step. The W-Z method has very clear and defined principles behind the approach, and it’s very useful when it’s used together.

ORC Ring’s Take Valued at $500K; 5 Arrested

Westchester County police in New York arrested five people Wednesday who are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from TJ Maxx and...
designer wallet bag counterfeit

US Customs Seizes $3.4M in Fake Luxury Brands

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported a seizure of 5,300 counterfeit goods at LAX yesterday, which would have totaled up to $3,475,000...

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