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How to Prep Your Business to Recover from COVID-19

Join LPM on Friday April 17 at 11:00 am EDT as we discuss the considerations and precautions you should take as you prepare your...

Retail Leaders Release 5 Tips to #ShopSafe Video

To encourage safe shopping habits, the Retail Industry Leaders Association released a video highlighting 5 tips to safe shopping.

Using Social Media as a Security and Threat Assessment Tool

OSINT existed before social media did, and a vast trove of publicly available information still exists beyond social media. We all know the information is out there, but few of us have the expertise, time, or patience to ferret out the parts we need. That’s where OSINT tools come in.

LP People on the Move: April 2020

Professional advancement and building a successful loss prevention career can mean many things to many different people. Yet while there are many different ways...

ADT Commercial Continues Commitment to Retail Industry as Newest Doctorate Level Loss Prevention Foundation...

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced that ADT Commercial has advanced its partnership to become the newest Doctorate Level Partner. ADT Commercial has been...

Kroger Limits in-Store Traffic with in-House Technology; Pilots One-Way Aisles

The Kroger Cos. is taking additional measures to encourage physical distancing and flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak. Beginning April 7, the nation’s largest...

Help Retailers; End Shoplifters’ ‘No Prosecute’ Status

There is dawn after the darkness that currently surrounds us amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the resolve to boost our economic recovery must be...

Woman Spits in LP Associate’s Face Claiming She Has Coronavirus

East Greenbush Police say they arrested Latoya Fordham who allegedly tried to steal from Walmart and when confronted she spit in a security officer’s...

Store Employee Disarms Knife-Wielding Man; Foils Shoplifting Attempt

An employee of a Bayonne (New Jersey) dollar store wrestled a knife-wielding shoplifter to the ground, disarmed him and held him until police arrived...

Key Control Should Control Access and Costs

With all the programs that loss prevention is responsible for, key systems tend to be a forgotten or overlooked asset that can cost retailers more than they expect.

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