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Loss Prevention Starts with Protecting Data: 3 Ways to Prevent Insider Threats

It’s evident that there is a new battleground for loss prevention. The product exists as bits and bytes, and it won’t be carried out of stores or looted from warehouses. Indeed, the threat is data theft.

Loss Prevention, Local, and State Police Team Up to Stop Retail Crime

Officers from the Troy Police Department teamed up with the Michigan State Police Fraud Investigation Section to stop shoplifters on January 28th and 29th,...

Unsolved Mystery: No One Charged in $90K Electronics Theft

Employees of the Best Buy in Amherst (New York) got quite a surprise when they went to open the store on June 24, 2016....

Shoplifting Suspect Stabs Self in Neck after Struggle with Police

A man suspected of shoplifting stabbed himself in the neck outside the Evendale Walmart, police said Monday afternoon. It happened around 2 PM at...

Mom Used Infant to Hide Stolen Items While Shoplifting

Police say a woman accompanied by her teenage daughter and an infant shoplifted at an Old Navy and used the infant to conceal the...

Suspected Credit Card Thief Hit by Car While Making Getaway

A man who used a stolen credit card at a Fred Meyer store was struck by a car during his getaway and was arrested...

Genetec Shares Its Top Physical Security Trends Predictions for 2020

The key trends from Genetec’s perspective include artificial intelligence, facial recognition, physical identity management, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Loss Prevention Russian Style

In supply chain terms, Russia is considered an emerging market, which has grown very quickly in a short period of time. Because of this, little if any well-known retailers from the US or Europe have logistic operations in country. This forces most retailers to use a transportation broker that specializes in shipping throughout parts of the country.

Police Officer Shot Multiple Times by Shoplifter

An off-duty Ferguson (Missouri) police officer was shot multiple times when he confronted a shoplifter at a Walmart in the Missouri city Sunday night,...

TAPA Launches ‘Best-Ever’ Security Standards in Global Cargo Thefts

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has launched the most comprehensive industry security standards in its 23-year history to help protect freight facilities and...

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