New Bill Takes Aim at Dangerous Counterfeits

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a bill this week aimed at stopping “dangerous counterfeits” and nudging platforms to curb the sale of counterfeits on their website.

Dubbed the SHOP SAFE Act (“Stopping Harmful Offers on Platforms by Screening Against Fakes in E-Commerce”), the bill would create trademark liability for online marketplaces when third parties sell fake products that could endanger consumer health and safety.

To avoid liability, platforms would need to take steps to vet sellers and goods, such as verifying their identity and location, using technology to screen for counterfeits, and requiring sellers to agree not to sell counterfeits and consent to be sued in US courts, among other practices. Platforms would also be required to quickly remove counterfeit listings as well as repeat listers of counterfeit goods… RetailDIVE

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