Nedap Introduces New iSense Lumen 3-in-1 RFID Antenna at 2017 NRF PROTECT

Nedap has recently announced the global launch of its new iSense Lumen line in the United States. It is the latest extension of Nedap’s successful iSense hardware platform for article surveillance and article tracking in retail stores. Beginning July 1, 2017, Nedap will introduce three iSense Lumen antennas, starting with the Lumen iL45, which offers new user feedback functionalities. It can be used at multiple locations in a store, thus optimizing the retailer’s product availability.

Three of Nedap’s premier distributors, CONTROLTEK (booth 129), NuTech National (booth 423) and Scarsdale Security Systems (booth 941), will display the new iSense Lumen antennas at the 2017 NRF Protect Conference in Washington DC June 26—28.

Intuitive User Feedback with Light and Sound

The iSense Lumen antenna line is designed to enhance the user experience through advanced light and sound options. The multi-colored lights and state-of-the-art speakers notify store staff about the cause and urgency of specific events with light and sound signals.

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Hilbert Dijkstra, product manager at Nedap Retail, explains: “iSense Lumen is another big step forward in the development of article surveillance solutions. It is the result of great feedback we got after the introduction of iSense in 2014. With iSense, we completely redefined the way electronic article surveillance works, because of its intelligence. The system recognizes individual items, detects the direction of the item and gives instant feedback to the store staff.”

Intelligent 3-in-1 RFID Antenna

The Lumen iL45 antenna can be placed at three key locations in a store to track article movements. At the entrance, it is able to detect which items are leaving the store and it will activate an alarm with items that have not been paid for, thus minimizing losses. The antenna can also be placed between the stock room and the sales floor to track article movements, as well as in the stockroom to track new deliveries.

“Product availability is an absolute necessity for retailers. Our solutions enable retailers to always have the right products available without adding complexity. Our iSense hardware platform is IP-based and uses open protocols, which makes information-exchange and integrations with other solutions very simple and straightforward,” said Rob Schuurman, managing director at Nedap Retail.

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