RILA and NDAA Announce New National Store Walk Month Initiative

In a new initiative aimed at addressing retail crime and violence, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) have announced the launch of National Store Walk Month, set to debut this September. This initiative seeks to address the pressing issues of organized retail crime and habitual theft and its impact on our communities. According to RILA and the NDAA, this represents a pioneering effort to facilitate a vital exchange between local prosecutors and community retailers.

Throughout the month of September, district attorneys nationwide will walk retail stores with management teams, exchanging insights, fostering understanding, and working synergistically to reduce retail crime and address other unlawful activity occurring in and around retail stores. This partnership will provide both parties with a comprehensive understanding of their challenges, enabling a unified, effective response.

Lisa LaBruno

“National Store Walk Month represents our next leap forward in establishing comprehensive retail crime mitigation strategies and fostering community well-being,” said Lisa LaBruno, RILA senior executive vice president. “This initiative will bridge the gap between retailers and prosecutors, helping us collectively address the complex challenges our communities face.”

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Large-scale retail theft has profound societal implications, extending well beyond economic harm to retailers—it poses a safety risk to frontline retail workers, threatens jobs, and diminishes the vibrancy of local communities. 

NDAA Executive Director Nelson Bunn highlighted the broader objectives of the initiative: “Our goal extends beyond reducing crime; we’re working to foster safer, healthier, and more vibrant communities. National Store Walk Month is a crucial element of that mission.”

“We need to tackle retail crime with broad, community-centered strategies, said Frederick County State’s Attorney J. Charles Smith III, president of the NDAA. “Through National Store Walk Month, we’re taking a holistic stance to ensure our communities’ safety and vibrancy.”

National Store Walk Month invites all retailers and prosecutors to participate, fostering a united front against retail crime for a safer, more secure future.

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