NASP Adds Mike Lamb and Mark Stinde to Advisory Committee

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Continuing its 30th anniversary celebration and ongoing revitalization, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) has recently announced the second expansion of its Advisory Committee with the addition of Mike Lamb, LPC, vice president of asset protection for the Kroger Company, and Mark Stinde, LPC, vice president, asset protection at 7-Eleven, Inc.

Following the addition of Terry Sullivan, LPC, and Paul Jaeckle, LPC, to the committee in January, the latest expansion is a continuation of NASP’s focus on renewing its efforts to connect retailers and communities to support collaborative efforts to reduce shoplifter recidivism, which, in addition to saving police and retail resources, will reduce ongoing theft activity and improve safety in stores and communities alike.

“The addition of thought leaders the caliber of Mike and Mark is not only invaluable to our organization but to the industry as a whole, especially as we enter a new chapter in how retailers think about shoplifting prevention” said NASP Executive Director Caroline Kochman. “It is a great privilege to have them aboard and an honor that they’ve agreed to help NASP strengthen and enhance its services to the industry.”

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Mike Lamb’s long and distinguished career in retail asset protection and industry service includes leadership experience in multiple store and committee settings; from department store to big box to his current leadership in the grocery arena. Mark Stinde’s career in asset protection also spans more than 30 years of leadership roles in store and industry leadership, most uniquely his current leadership of the asset protection team of an 8,700 store organization. Lamb’s and Stinde’s experience and insight are complemented by their dedication to exploring and testing non-traditional approaches to shoplifting prevention.

“As leaders in the industry of loss prevention / asset protection, we have a responsibility both from a societal and business perspective to best understand and determine strategies that mitigate shoplifting and reduce recidivism through education and awareness,” said Mike Lamb. “I’m proud and appreciative of the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Committee.”

“The issues involved in addressing the issue of shoplifting continue to become more complex. Law enforcement resource constraints, coupled with changes in local laws and statutes, make it critical that we look for more creative ways of addressing these issues.” Mark Stinde observed. “Having a partner like NASP can be critically important to help asset protection in opening lines of communication with law enforcement.”

Jim Lee, LPC, of the LPM Media Group noted, “I am once again gratified to see my enthusiasm for NASP’s work continue in leaders like Mike and Mark, whose open minds and desire for innovation will most certainly revitalize the industry conversation. I look forward to the first meeting of this extraordinary group of leaders.”

NASP’s committee expansion will continue with the addition of new law enforcement leaders from both policing and prosecution as they continue to renew their focus on their mission while adapting to the changing landscape of criminal justice reform, continually increasing felony thresholds and the unrelenting threat of unchecked shoplifting to both retailers and communities. NASP enters its next 30 years with a renewed commitment to changing the way our nation regards, prevents and responds to shoplifting.

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