NASP Adds Scott Glenn and John Matas to its Advisory Committee

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration and ongoing evolution, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) continues to expand its advisory committee with the addition of Scott Glenn, vice president of asset protection for Home Depot and John Matas Jr., senior director of AP investigations and ORC for Macy’s. This latest expansion further supports the organization’s focus on connecting retailers and criminal justice to support collaborative efforts to reduce shoplifter recidivism, which, in addition to saving police, prosecutor and retail resources, will reduce ongoing theft activity and improve safety in stores and communities alike.

“We are humbled by the willingness of leaders such as Scott and John to be part of this industry effort to examine progressive alternatives to an age-old problem. I am delighted with the level of collaboration between retailers as we work to alter how the nation thinks about shoplifting prevention in the age of criminal justice reform,” said NASP Executive Director Caroline Kochman. “The collective voice of the veteran retail asset protection leaders assembled on this committee has great promise to influence the approach taken by retailers, criminal justice and communities around the country.”

Over a 25-plus year career in retail asset protection and industry service, Scott Glenn’s resume includes a law degree and leadership positions at multiple national department store brands as well as a variety of professional committees leading up to his current role. John Matas brings nearly 35 years working in investigations, financial crimes, and ORC at Macy’s giving him a unique point of view on the intersection of non-professional misdemeanor shoplifting and ORC. John is also an advisory board member for the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators.

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Glenn stated, “I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the great work that NASP engages in around the country. NASP is leading productive efforts to work with law enforcement at all levels, as well as our legislative partners, to drive the opportunities impacting retailers. This is especially critical in today’s environment as the key issues are quickly changing across our industry.”

Jim Lee, executive editor of LP Magazine noted, “I am happy that leaders like Scott and John see and appreciate the value in NASP’s work as I do. Working with NASP, there is so much this exceptional group of leaders can accomplish in terms of transforming the way retailers and criminal justice collaborate to prevent and respond to shoplifting.”

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