Naked Shoplifting Suspect Gets Tased on Genitals

A man who stole steak from a local grocery store stripped naked as meat fell from his pants in an attempt to get away, but ultimately ended up getting Tased on his genitals, according to the DeLand (Florida) Police Department.

Police said a shopper at Save-A-Lot on Woodland Boulevard saw 28-year-old Stefan Short stuffing ribeye steaks in his pants Friday evening so he alerted a manager and together the two men confronted Short. The manager told Short to return the meat he shoved down his pants but Short refused, so the two men tackled him to the ground, records show.

“No, you are not going to do this to me again. You come in here and steal all the time. You are not getting away this time,” the manager said, according to a witness. Short shimmied out of his clothes in an attempt to escape as meat fell out of his pants but he was found running naked from the store when officers arrived, according to the affidavit.

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Authorities said Short refused to obey their commands so they used a Taser on him, striking him with a prong on his genitals and another prong on his abdomen. Officers removed the prong from Short’s abdomen but he had to be taken to a hospital to have the other prong removed from…