Montana Woman Knees Officer in Groin during Shoplifting Investigation

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The Great Falls Tribune in Montana has reported that a woman identified as Sheyleighn Kierstin Lamere has been charged with multiple felony and misdemeanors resulting from a shoplifting incident that escalated to assault when Lamere kneed an off-duty police officer in the groin. The loss prevention associate stopped Lamere after the associate observed Lamere conceal almost $50 worth of merchandise in her purse and exit the store without rendering payment.

An off-duty police officer observed the stop and intervened, telling Lamere that she was “in custody for shoplifting” and must cooperate. The officer accompanied Lamere and the LPA upstairs where Lamere turned and kneed the officer in the groin. A struggle ensued, where the officer sustained a bruise to his bicep before Lamere was subdued. Lamere reportedly said she had done nothing wrong and was leaving the store to find her aunt to pay for the merchandise. The state requested her bond be set at $5,000. The felony assault charge carries a potential penalty of 2-10 years in prison and fine of up to $50,000. She was also charged with second-degree theft and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors.


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