Mom Used Infant to Hide Stolen Items While Shoplifting

Police say a woman accompanied by her teenage daughter and an infant shoplifted at an Old Navy and used the infant to conceal the stolen items. According to a police report, Ronza Yuiqita Robertson, 39, visited the Old Navy store on Cortana with her 16-year-old daughter and an infant on Sunday evening.

Shortly thereafter, officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department were summoned in regards to a “shoplifting in progress.” When officers arrived, they were pointed in Robertson’s direction as she allegedly attempted to leave the premises in her car.

An official report says police stopped her before she could drive away. After asking her to step out of her vehicle, they found stolen items from Old Navy in the car and hidden behind an infant in a stroller.

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Police say Robertson admitted to knowing that her daughter stole items from Old Navy. She claimed when they tried to give the clothing back to a store employee, the employee refused to accept it, so the mother and daughter left with the stolen goods… WBRZ2 News

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