New Mexico Attorney General: Mob-like Criminals Are Getting into ORC

New Mexico is experiencing the upsurge in organized retail crime (ORC) activity that has caused widespread financial and physical damage to businesses nationwide. State Attorney General Hector Balderas has been at the forefront of this issue, and in a recent op-ed in the Business Insider, voices support for the INFORM Consumers Act, a bipartisan measure that would protect businesses and consumers from stolen merchandise being sold online.

Check out below what New Mexico Attorney General Balderas is saying about organized retail crime and the urgent need for comprehensive legislative solutions.

Hector Balderas, August 21, 2021, Business Insider

“Today, groups of professional thieves are stealing mass quantities of merchandise from retailers and selling the items to consumers, particularly on e-commerce platforms. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — at the state and local levels — can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to it.”

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“By coordinating efforts of law enforcement and working hand in hand with local businesses, we can stand up to these violent criminal operations and start to shut them down. However, addressing a widespread issue like this requires a two-pronged approach. While law enforcement officials will continue to do their job, we must also consider policy-based solutions at both the state and federal levels.”

“We must also counter organized retail crime within the online realm. Our federal laws, as they stand, don’t do enough to ensure the legitimacy of third-party sellers or products.”

“Federal lawmakers have recognized the need for swift action. The INFORM Consumers Act, which sits in both the US House and the Senate, is the most comprehensive piece of federal legislation targeting the sale of stolen goods online.”

“The legislation will provide online shoppers the transparency they deserve before making an online purchase, while also helping legitimate businesses — a win for all except those looking to profit from stolen goods. A national measure such as the INFORM Consumers Act will support the efforts of law enforcement officials across our state, giving them an additional tool to better track and take down dangerous retail theft rings.”

You can view the entire op-ed here.

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