Mid Week with Jim Lee: Regrets Come at Any Age

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Jim Lee

How often have you heard someone talk about “old age regrets”? Regrets in life are not limited to “old age,” whatever that number is. Regrets can occur to even those of you in your twenties. The really good thing is that you can eliminate some of your regrets by changing your behavior.

Try some of these on for size. They are regrets that are familiar to me, and I try my best to change.

… Staying in a job or business relationship you dislike
… Not going back to school
… Not saying “thank you” to your mentors
… Not traveling to special places you have coveted
… Not finding time to exercise
… Not going to a concert or sporting event
… Not saving more money for retirement
… Worrying about what others think
… Giving to charities
… Doing charity work
… Saying “I love you”
… Spending time with your kids or grandkids
… Losing touch with friends

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You should be able to see how easy some of these are to work on… just takes a little bit of time. We all get busy being busy, so step back and eliminate some of your regrets while you can.

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