March Networks and Patriot One Announce Integrated Video and Covert Weapon Detection Solution

March Networks and Patriot One Technologies Inc., developer of a revolutionary weapons detection system, recently announced an integration that offers video-enabled covert weapon detection notifications to aid visual verification of potential threats and reconstruct incidents by providing clear video and data evidence to support investigations.

By combining real-time covert weapon detection alerts with high-definition (HD) video, the integrated March Networks and Patriot One solution reportedly allows security professionals in corporate buildings, schools, airports, stadiums, transit hubs and other commercial and government facilities to respond more knowledgeably, and quickly, to potential threats. It also enables security organizations to cost-effectively track how often concealed weapons are present in the facilities they oversee, so they can determine whether further security measures are required.

Using cognitive microwave radar technology embedded in a wall or stand-alone unit at a controlled access point, Patriot One’s PATSCAN™ CMR weapon detection radar and software system detects concealed handguns, and other types of weapons, and sends real-time alerts to an organization or its security partner. The system is ‘trained’ to the location during installation and continues to learn after full deployment, getting better and smarter at detecting hidden weapons with each screening.

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With the integrated solution, organizations can receive the alerts via the PATSCAN CMR Software as a Service (SaaS) user interface along with video images captured by a March Networks video recording solution, so they can immediately see who the suspect is and where they are located. Security staff can then access real-time video from multiple surveillance cameras simultaneously using the March Networks system to track a suspect’s movements through a building or space, as required.

In addition, the integrated solution also captures all the PATSCAN CMR alerts and associated video in March Networks Searchlight™ software, allowing organizations to conduct searches post-event and gather critical video and data evidence for further review or to share with law enforcement.

March Networks Searchlight is a business intelligence software application that integrates HD video with transaction, radio frequency identification (RFID), analytics and other system data to deliver operational insights and awareness to customers. It is currently used by leading organizations to proactively identify theft and fraud, improve customer service, optimize workforce management, audit operations and track inventory more effectively.

“We are excited to introduce this new integration with Patriot One, which leverages the capabilities of our video and business intelligence platform for this unique commercial application,” said Jeff Corrall, head of strategic partnerships, March Networks. “The integrated solution enables organizations to proactively address potential threats and improve operational awareness significantly using correlated video and data evidence.”

“Integrating with March Networks and its video surveillance technology is an exciting new step for the introduction of our PATSCAN CMR covert weapon detection radar device and software solution,” said Dinesh Kandanchatha, president and CTO, Patriot One Technologies Inc. “We see great opportunities with this partnership as we roll out our technology around the globe.”

March Networks will showcase the video-enabled covert weapons detection solution in Booth 4522 at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, September 26-28, in Dallas, TX For more information, visit

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