LPM Magpie Awards: Tyson Robertson, Excellence in Leadership

The LPM “Magpie” Awards offer a means to celebrate industry accomplishments recognizing the loss prevention professionals, teams, solution providers, and law enforcement partners that demonstrate a stellar contribution to the profession. Please join LPM in celebrating the accomplishments of our latest honorees.

Tyson Robertson

Tyson Robertson, CPP, LPC, Senior Manager of Logistics Loss Prevention, Global Specialty Fulfillment, Amazon

“I have always admired humble and emotionally intelligent leaders that know how to
genuinely flex their style—and yet always remain aware and true to themselves,” says Robertson. “Meeting people where they are in their career development, earning their trust, and helping them reach their goals and capabilities is not only self-rewarding, but also a great way to pay it forward. It has to be about the people first, and then we succeed together. For me, that’s leadership.”

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Robertson started his loss prevention career as a store detective while attending college, affording him the flexibility to pursue both his academic and professional goals. Finding loss prevention to be a great match for his personality, he continued climbing the career ladder while obtaining his undergraduate degree and MBA, taking on positions with increasing responsibility in the process. He continues to invest in personal self-development, obtaining his LPC certification. But he also pays it forward as an adjunct professor with Northwood University and serving as chair for the LPF advisory council.

Robertson feels his greatest accomplishments thus far have come through the opportunities he has had to bring on and mentor talented people. “There are a number of hires and internal promotions that are especially rewarding,” he says. “I take great pride in watching every one of these individuals grow personally and professionally while their careers continue to flourish. Leadership is more than something we do—it’s something we share.”

“For those working their way up the career ladder, it’s important to work hard, enjoy the ride, never stop learning, and be curious along the way. Focus on the now. When we immerse ourselves in the present, it provides great insight and readiness into the future. The experiences we have along our journey—the successes and failures, often becomes the most valued.”

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