LPM Magpie Awards: Mat Schriner, Excellence in Partnerships

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Mat Schriner, LPC, Director of Operations, Loss Prevention Foundation

“From my perspective, I feel the most important trait in building business partnerships is trust,” said Schriner. “Without having the trust of those we work with, how are we to establish credibility and long-lasting partnerships? Trust is built on integrity and communication. By having clear lines of respectful communication, we can establish diversity of thought, discover better ways to build out solutions to problems, and deliver better results.”

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Schriner started his career in loss prevention during college, joining Kmart in 1999 and later moving to L.S. Ayers and Kohl’s in store-level loss prevention roles. Upon graduation from Indiana University Bloomington he landed with Lowe’s in 2004, taking on positions with increasing responsibility before moving to the corporate offices in 2012 and assuming several different managerial roles in loss prevention and safety. In 2018, Mat became director of operations with the Loss Prevention Foundation, directly involved in advancing the talent in our industry by working with loss prevention and asset protection professionals to obtain their LPQ and LPC certifications.

“If you truly want to build a meaningful career, never stop improving yourself, your teams, and your business” he said. “Education is the most profound tool each of us has in enhancing our value to any organization. By continuing to develop yourself and your teams, you can ensure you are staying ahead of emerging challenges and risks, ultimately improving business outlook and future business opportunities. This constant focus on development will also aid in how we contribute to the business and continue to deliver upon the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Personally speaking, I can honestly say that the LPC certification has helped shape my career and how I look at the business holistically. By working together, we can help shape the retail industry and build a better, safer, customer-focused, and profitable retail of tomorrow.”

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