LPBF’s Fundraising Success a “Testament to the Unity of the LP Community”

Under the leadership and support of the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF), the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund (LPBF) held another successful campaign in Anaheim, CA, this past week during the NRF PROTECT Conference and Expo, raising awareness and crucial funds to provide charitable financial grants to the families of loss prevention and asset protection professionals suffering serious injury or a loss of life while conducting the duties of their profession.

The fundraising event kicked off with the LP Foundation’s annual Swing for Certification golf outing, held this year at Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullerton. The event, held in honor of Bob MacLea, raised funds to sponsor LPQ and LPC course scholarships while also providing donations in support of the LP Benevolent Fund. Participants in the event were offered the opportunity to purchase a “Super Ticket” that included 2 mulligans, a scratch-off golf lottery card with the opportunity to win a vacation, some golf discount adventures, and a shot on the course with a “Golf Cannon.” Coupled with a 50/50 raffle and a “Beat the Pro” competition, the overall result was $8,600 in donations being raised for the LPBF during the event.

During the conference itself, NRF PROTECT stepped forward for the fourth consecutive year by donating $1500 to the Benevolent Fund for session evaluation surveys completed during the conference. A special thank you to those who took the initiative to complete and submit surveys to make this possible.

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Capping off the week, the LPBF received an additional $4,500 in contributions from four solution providers attending the conference, including Checkpoint ($2000), Security Resources ($1,000), The Zellman Group ($1,000) and ThinkLP ($1300), making this one of the most successful fundraising campaigns to date.

Overall, the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund was able to raise over $14,000 in donations throughout the NRF PROTECT Conference.

The LP Benevolent Fund was established to provide charitable financial grants to families of loss prevention/asset protection professionals following a serious injury or loss of life while conducting the duties of their LP profession.

This is the third consecutive year ThinkLP has demonstrated their support of the LPBF by continuing to give back to our industry.

Checkpoint, for a second year in a row, also continued their support by donating $2000 to the LPBF underscoring their ongoing commitment to help the families of loss prevention professionals when it matters the most.

“We would like to personally thank each of these organizations for their ongoing charitable support and willingness to give back to our industry, our professionals, and their families.” said Steve Hyle, LPC, vice chairman of the LPBF.

“Thank you once again to NRF PROTECT and the Loss Prevention Foundation for their ongoing support for the LPBF. The Swing for Certification event provides a great venue to help educate industry leaders about the LPBF and raise funds to aid in our ability to support our industries professionals and their families,” said Chris Duke, LPC, chairman of the LPBF.

“The LPBF’s fundraising success in California is such a testament to the unity of our community. It is important that we continue to support our family when they need it most,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of the Loss Prevention Foundation.


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