News Roundup: February 29, 2016

Excessive Force or Resisting Arrest? Suspected Shoplifter Bloodied by Police Officer

A Florida woman suspected of shoplifting is seen being thrown to the ground and bloodied in a body cam video. Stopped by a Sheriff’s deputy and a loss prevention officer after exiting a Beall’s department store, a woman is asked about stealing a pair of shoes and a scuffle ensues. The deputy pulls the woman to the ground, while grabbing her neck, saying, “Stop resisting me.” “I’m not going to do anything!” The woman can be heard yelling in the video. Was the officer justified in his actions, or is this a case of excessive force? Decide for yourself…[].

Sears Cuts 250 Workers, Many from Hoffman Estates Headquarters

Sears Holdings Corporation, parent of Sears and Kmart stores, has immediately cut 250 workers and will not fill another 150 open positions, after woeful losses in its fourth quarter. About 200 workers were cut immediately from the Hoffman Estates headquarters and the rest were scattered at corporate support centers in Seattle, Washington; Troy Michigan; San Francisco, California; New York and elsewhere, said Sears spokesman Howard Riefs. [Daily Herald]

Man arrested on 147 counts related to fraud and ID theft

A 45-year-old Portland man is facing more than 140 fraud and identity theft charges related to cloning debit cards. Titus Pridon was arrested shortly after on three counts of theft, 134 counts of fraudulent use of credit card and 10 counts of aggravated theft. Police said they found a “significant” amount of evidence related to identity theft and credit card fraud at Pridon’s home… [KATU TV]

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Police recover 50 counterfeit credit cards, $10K in fraudulent purchases

Police recovered $10,000 worth of fraudulent purchases and 50 counterfeit credit cards after a Florida woman allegedly used a counterfeit card to spend $2,079 at a Victoria’s Secret store, officials said. Officers responded and reportedly found re-encoded credit cards and illegally purchased items, which included clothing, two PlayStation consoles and two iPhones…[Los Angeles Times]

LP Worldwide: Career Criminal Goes on Shoplifting Spree Just One Day after Leaving Prison

Convicted thief Jamie Minor went on a three-day shoplifting spree – just one day after being released from prison in the United Kingdom. Minor allegedly stole items including meat, ice cream and sandwiches from five supermarkets and a petrol station. In one incident he threatened a staff member with scissors after being confronted. In another, he apologized for previously shoplifting from the store while his accomplice stole items…[The Sentinel]

Apple Facing Additional U.S. Demands to Unlock iPhones

The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers. The disclosure appears to buttress the company’s concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case. Apple is fighting the government’s demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, a lawyer for the company said in a letter unsealed in federal court… [New York Times]

Macy’s employee stole $5,000 from store to buy girlfriend gifts

A Macy’s cashier stole about $5,000 from the store in an attempt to buy an engagement ring and baby clothes for his pregnant girlfriend, according to police. He made fraudulent payments to his account ranging from $100 to $2,000. In other occasions, he would take cash from a customer but pocket the money once the customer left… [Sun Sentinel]

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