LPM Insider Survey: Is There a “Good Old Boy” Network That Exists in Loss Prevention?

What does it really take to influence change? The starting point almost always begins with determining whether or not there is a need for change; something that stands in the way of progress.

This may seem like a simple and somewhat obvious response, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes there can be other factors that can create potential obstacles, and whether those issues are real or perceived, they still need to be addressed to help us move forward. Let’s take a closer look at a current question facing the loss prevention industry:

No matter the company, industry, or group, we often hear references to a “Good Old Boy” network that has real or perceived influence over who has access, who gets promoted, who gets considered for promotions or other opportunities—and who does not.

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So, what exactly is the “Good Old Boy” network? In general terms, this refers to an informal system of connections or fellowships through which men use their positions of influence to control, persuade, manipulate, or otherwise effect decisions impacting a company, industry, or other group to help others within the group, hinder those who are not part of the group—or to protect themselves. Often connected through similar interests or background, these groups and individual players wield power through their connections and positions of influence.

Some see this as an actual network, while others simply view it as an overarching concept that is shared between members of the group. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is the mantra of the “Good Old Boy” network.

What do you think? Whether real or perceived, do you feel that there is a “Good Old Boy” network that influences decisions made across the loss prevention industry?

For the purposes of this inquiry we are asking the men of loss prevention and the women of loss prevention to address this question in separate surveys. Please answer only the survey pertaining to your specific gender.

Men Only


Women Only

We look forward to your insights and opinions! Please feel free to candidly share your thoughts. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous.

Look for the results of the survey to appear in next Monday’s LPM Insider.

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