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LP Insider’s Top Five Loss Prevention Technology Articles of 2016

RFID in Retail

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, has been touted as a magic elixir for retail for more than twenty years. Sometimes referred to as an intelligent alternative to standard electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, a path to better inventory tracking, and a supply chain replenishment tool, the technology at times struggled to find a use case that would make a real impact on retail operations. This article will take a look back at where it all started to where we are today, attempting to capture the milestones, obstacles, and triumphs along the way. So let the journey begin. Read the full article.

The State of Video

For the last two to three decades, video has been a critical tool in guarding shoppers, associates, and assets in retail stores. With the advance of digital IP camera technology, bandwidth, and compression technology to support the creation of central, remote monitoring hubs, increased computer power to enable smart video analytics, and the ever-improving image and pattern recognition technology, video in retail is changing shape significantly…or is it?

This article shares the findings and learnings from a recent video benchmark survey and outlines three steps all loss prevention leaders could take to shape a future strategy for video for their entire enterprises as well as offers some thoughts on how loss prevention leaders themselves may need to change so as to effectively lead their organizations’ transformation efforts. Read the full article.

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Without consciously realizing it, and certainly without having made a conscious decision to pursue it, we as a society find ourselves living in a time when nearly every public thing we do, every decision we make, is recorded. Everywhere we drive, everything we buy without cash, the names of people we talk with, most of what we read—all is being recorded somewhere. Ten years ago this state of affairs would have seemed some fringe conspiracy. But we as individuals have just sort of gone along with it in the vague hope that somebody on the other end is being responsible with the information we either volunteer or have no choice in giving up.

The loss prevention industry finds itself in a position of being one of those “somebodies” on the other end. By nature a conservative, risk-averse beast, the LP industry is well suited to the task of playing steward to this enormously valuable, enormously risky set of big data. And when used properly, LP is also well suited to the role of leader when it comes to guiding other retail segments toward best practices and responsible use. Read the full article.

RFID Wallets: Are They Necessary?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) skimming is a form of digital theft which enables information from RFID-equipped credit cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft. Typically, it involves the illegitimate reading of RFID-enabled credit cards (or other devices) at a distance in order to download the card’s information. From there, the information can be written to a new blank card, which operates in the same manner as the original, legitimate card. Because the data is identical on both cards, and the information is only copied, it makes no difference if the original data is encrypted.

Now that people are aware that information on their cards, and even their passports, can be read wirelessly and remotely, many are looking for ways to protect themselves. Purchasing an RFID wallet (or sleeve, or pouch) is one way. Read the full article.

The Top Challenges Retailers Face

Today’s retailers must cope with a broader range of threats than ever before, and these challenges go well beyond preventing loss and increasing sales. More than ever, retailers face threats such as identity theft, organized crime, workplace violence, changing buyer behaviors, as well as the ongoing challenge of reducing shrink.

LP Solutions

However, addressing these issues isn’t always easy, which is why retailers are turning toward new technology advances to help address threats and build solutions that can not only protect employees and assets, but also enhance business intelligence and augment business continuity. Read the full article.

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