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This issue of the LP Magazine print edition includes articles from multiple sources representing a wide range of subjects. I thought it valuable to comment on some and ensure that you know the breadth of information vehicles we provide the industry.

The cover feature on Rite Aid’s use of a crowdsourcing tool is an example of taking advantage of new social media tools to help solve retail loss. Bob Oberosler is one of the loss prevention industry’s leaders who tends to be on the cutting edge of technology—in this case, implementing a tool that, as he puts it, finally allows him “to play on offense” rather than defense with offenders.

Another of the industry’s leaders is Kevin Valentine, CFI, LPC, who accomplished something not many LP professionals can claim—spending his entire 35-year career with the same retailer. Valentine started with Sterling Merchandise as the only LP person and retired at the end of 2017 as senior vice president of internal audit, loss prevention, and enterprise risk management for what is now Signet Jewelers, one of the world’s largest specialty jewelry retailers. He offers his career insights in our interview.

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We are running the lead article from our recent edition of LPM Online, our newest magazine that publishes on even-numbered months in between the print editions. The article “ORC Is Worrisome, Worsening…And at Risk of Becoming Ignored?” looks at the results of NRF’s latest ORC survey and the implications for retailers. If you haven’t seen this ORC-focused issue of LPM Online, there’s a summary of all the articles available. You can read the entire edition by going to LPM-online.com.

Finally, we have reprinted an article from our sister publication LP Magazine Europe about research related to retailer collaboration on reducing food waste. One of Europe’s leading research organizations, the ECR Community Shrinkage and On-Shelf Availability Group, has long led the way in looking at loss from supply chain through consumer sales. Their findings are having a significant positive impact on loss reduction and profit protection on both sides of the Atlantic. This article is one example of the great articles published by LP Magazine Europe. Visit LPportal.eu to read more about what’s going on with our industry in Europe.

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