Last-Minute Scheduling of L.A. Retail Workers Soon Could Be Barred

Los Angeles could require retailers to let workers know what days and hours they are scheduled to work at least two weeks in advance, under a plan moving forward at City Hall.

The “Fair Work Week” rules would also require such businesses to give workers the ability to turn down hours before and after schedules are posted, without facing retaliation. Employers would have to provide a “good faith estimate” of weekly hours when a worker is hired.

And retailers would also have to provide workers at least 10 hours to rest between shifts — a rule aimed at the practice of “clopening,” in which workers close a store late at night and return early the next morning to work again.

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The City Council voted Wednesday in favor of imposing such rules. The proposed ordinance will now be drafted by city lawyers and return to council members for another round of review before it can be approved… Los Angeles Times

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