Juvenile Shoplifting Suspect’s Mother Tries to Break Through Security Door

Five juveniles and a 41-year-old woman were detained and later arrested at the NorthTown JCPenney on Tuesday. Spokane Police said the five juveniles are accused of stealing around $400 worth of items.

When security personnel tried to bring them into their office, the suspects reportedly spit on and hit the guards. Shortly after, one of the suspect’s mothers showed up. aPolice said 41-year-old Laura Hall pounded on the door and yelled at security to let her in. When they didn’t, she picked up a bench and rammed it into the door to try and break it down. When that didn’t work, she reportedly grabbed a metal pole and hit the door with it. Officers said Hall then got her boyfriend, 47-year-old Kenneth Mankin, to help her. Police said Mankin slammed the metal pole into the door repeatedly until it gave way.

While security was dealing with this, the juvenile suspects were causing chaos inside the office. Police said they screamed, swore, knocked over a desk, threw items and jumped on top of furniture. Once Spokane Police officers arrived… KXLY News

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