Join our LPM Taco Tuesday Virtual Event TODAY

Stuck at home? Aren’t we all! But that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch and stay connected! Our first virtual cocktail hour April 2nd was a great success. Next up: Taco Tuesday!

Turn on the news today and we all think the same thing—what a mess! Right? And you know what else can be messy? TACOS! Of course! Let’s all get together and “break-shell” as we enjoy our first loss prevention community Taco Tuesday! Join us on your own or set up your webcam as you sit with your family. Let’s get together, get messy, and enjoy each other’s company.

WHEN? TUESDAY APRIL 7th, with two seatings: 6:00 and 9:00 pm EDT

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NOTE: Margaritas or Dos Equis cerveza optional (but recommended). And don’t forget to support your local taco takeout if possible. See you soon!

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