Johnson Controls Expands Illustra Flex Camera Line with 3MP Compact Mini-Dome

Johnson Controls has recently introduced the Illustra Flex 3MP Compact Mini-Dome, an outdoor-quality day/night camera that can produce HD-quality images in low light conditions, and is small enough to fit seamlessly into discrete settings, whether it’s a retail store, bank, or healthcare facility.

Like other Illustra Flex cameras, the 3MP Compact Mini-Dome goes beyond H.264 and H.265 for bandwidth management via its Illustra® IntelliZip compression technology that monitors and then adjusts system streaming parameters to match the level of activity in the camera’s field of view. IntelliZip also optimizes the bitrate when activity ceases to reduce network bandwidth and video storage needs.

Advanced VideoEdge® TrickleStor technology enables edge-based video recording, even in an outage. The camera will automatically detect interruptions between it and the NVR, record the video to its SD card, and transfer video to the NVR’s hard drive for uninterrupted viewing once power is restored.

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The factory-focused Flex 3MP Compact Mini-Dome is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), which reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for power cabling. Use of free Illustra Connect software makes configuration a quick and easy process. Installation time is further reduced through the use of remote firmware upgrades.

The Flex 3MP Compact Mini-Dome joins the rest of the Flex family in adhering to the rigorous standards of the Tyco Security Cyber Protection Program (CPP).

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