Johnson Controls Adds New Solutions to Its Building Security Portfolio

Johnson Robot

Johnson Controls is adding body worn cameras and autonomous robots to its physical security portfolio with the integration of package screening technology, powered by RaySecur.

“At Johnson Controls we continue to enhance building technologies through digital transformation by leveraging edge AI devices that power the OpenBlue Platform,” said Vijay Sankaran, chief technology officer at Johnson Controls. “Smart, autonomous buildings that continuously learn, adapt, and automatically respond to the needs of occupants and environment are safer, more sustainable, and more secure.”

The Body Worn Camera provides personal protection along with new methods for accountability, regulatory compliance, and evidence management. Integrated into video management solutions the Body Worn Camera offers live video streams using WiFi or cellular networks for applications where real-time visibility is important. The camera also automatically transfers its encrypted recorded video into the video management platform, allowing operators to seamlessly search through both body cam footage and traditional camera footage for a more complete picture of their organization’s security.

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The Security Robots, powered by Ava Robotics, autonomously conduct event response along with routine patrols and inspections with 360-degree video coverage and SIP audio communication capabilities. The robots can improve situational awareness, and they are equipped with video analytics that can monitor building occupancy levels, mask compliance, and object detection.

RaySecur’s MailSecur all-in-one screening technology detects liquid, powder, weapons, explosives, radiation, and suspected materials with millimeter waves. Integrated with Johnson Controls solutions, scan results can automatically trigger configurable responses across building systems to help mitigate incidents.

Johnson Controls says the technologies should be available by the end of 2021.

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