Jahabow’s TDL Secure Display Cases – Industry Leading Security

Jahabow, LLC introduces the TDL™ Series of Secure Display Cases. Jahabow is the industry leader in secure display cases and inventor of the TDL Theft Deterrent Level™ Criteria for loss prevention.

What makes a TDL Secure Display Case so secure? We built upon our long history of engineering and constructing display cases to come up with the ideal combination of frame, glass, locks and reinforced doors to provide a foundation for proven security. From there we developed the Theft Deterrent Level criteria to demonstrate how display cases perform under common stresses. We subject our TDL Secure Display Cases to a variety of high impact tests to grade performance and rate TDL Levels. Our TDL Secure Display Cases not only secure your most valuable inventory, they look great doing it.

With Jahabow’s background in creating display cases for some of the largest retailers, we are well experienced in designing showcases that look great and last for a long time in the marketplace. We can build to any custom configuration, and we also carry a variety of stock sizes. All our showcases are built in our Owensville, Missouri facility. Ask yourself if repairing the case is more cost effective than replacing the merchandise. With proven results and tested performance, Jahabow’s TDL Secure Display Cases can give you peace of mind that you are improving loss prevention efforts.

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Watch how Jahabow’s secure display cases thwart jewelry thieves.

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