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The Super Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag: It’s a No-Brainer

Have you ever walked into a store and found the item you want is in a clear plastic case that is locked? It looks well protected in that anti-theft box, which goes by many names, sometimes called a “lock box,” “keeper,” or “safer.” That plastic box has a magnetic slide lock on it to keep dishonest people from stealing, but does it really protect that item?

Many thieves take the whole item with the box if they can’t open it, and they break it open later after leaving the store. You can search online and see page after page of instructions, video tutorials, and conversation threads on how to defeat security boxes.

Replacing those boxes can be very costly. Damaged boxes can be a safety issue. And scratched boxes are unsightly and make it difficult to see the product or read the ingredients.

What is the best alternative to protect your merchandise, deter theft, keep the cost low, reduce checkout time, SAVE MONEY, and have lower loss or shrink numbers?

Super Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag

The Super Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag is small yet mighty. It will not be defeated without alarming. The Super Mini, as we call it, can be used alone or with conductive tape or a conductive label. The Super Mini is a smaller version of the Tick-R-Tape Tag. You can read the research report written about the Tick-R-Tape Tag by the Loss Prevention Research Council at to see the customer reactions, the associate reactions, and the offender reactions. The Tick-R-Tape Tag had a 100 percent deterrence rate.

The Mini Tape Tag has established a proven record of deterrence as well, protecting fragrances, cosmetics, razors, small electronics, and accessories. Here is feedback from stores using the Mini Tape Tag:

  • “Our backroom staff prefer the Mini to the keepers because the keepers are bulky, ugly, and take up too much space.”
  • “The Mini is so easy to apply and remove. Much better than safers.”
  • “We’ve seen a difference starting the first day. Usually, by the end of the day, this item is stolen, and the shelf would be empty. Look! It’s still there!” (Shared during a store visit.)
  • “Can we put it on everything? I want to put it on everything.”

Versatility with Great Benefits

This is a “one size fits most items” solution that has versatility. The small size means less storage space is required, and it limits exposure to contaminates and viruses due to the smaller surface area, which is healthier for customers and associates. It allows for better visibility of products and allows you to see and feel the product without hindrance while keeping it secure.

The tape can be customized with your company logo, or you can use our generic designs. This tag is perfect for small fragrances, cosmetics, electronics, hair care, tools, bedding, and more.

The benefits are there for the taking if you switch to the Super Mini Tape Tag:

  • Save time in checkout.
  • Save under-counter space.
  • at the point of sale.
  • One size fits most items.
  • Increase available shelf space on sales floor and in stockroom by up to 640 percent compared to keepers.
  • Reduce loss.
  • Deter theft visually and aurally.
  • Device is made of ABS and is water and impact resistant.
  • Circuit can’t be “jumped.”

Use Alone. The ABS plastic base adheres to the product with “sticky note” type adhesive that won’t damage the finish on the packaging. If the base is lifted off the package, the Super Mini will alarm. It will also set off the EAS pedestals if brought close to them or through them. Most importantly, the ninety-eight-decibel alarm will catch the attention of the store employees, allowing them to act earlier. It is available in two-alarm or three-alarm.

Use with Conductive Tape. The conductive tape can wrap around hard or soft packaging of any size, from small fragrances to an eight-piece comforter set. The base holds the tag onto the packaging. The conductive tape is wrapped around the package snugly and connected to the base and is then activated when the Super Mini is placed on the base, creating an electrical circuit. If the base is lifted or the tape is cut, stretched, burned, or has any other type of connection interference, the Super Mini will alarm.

Use with the Corner Label. The conductive corner label is applied to the base of the Super Mini and over the edge of the packaging, adhering it closed with 3M adhesive. Once the Mini is attached, it creates a completed circuit that will alarm if the base is lifted or if the corner label is cut or lifted off the package without disarming first. It’s perfect for keeping the lids with expensive hydration bottles and for cookware, flatware sets, fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, and small electronics with one entry point.

The Super Mini can cut down on checkout time dramatically. The base and the tape or label go with the customer, and the Super Mini Tape Tag is dropped into a small bin to be brought back to the stockroom for use again and again. One flick of the wrist using your XT detacher or equivalent strength magnet, and the tag is removed, and the item is in the bag with the base and tape still on it. No more plastic boxes taking up all the free space under the counter or on the shelves.

So, yes, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to the best alternative to a plastic locking box to protect your merchandise. What are you waiting for? Contact us for pricing at 772-287-7999 or at You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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