ISCPO Launches Ground Breaking Program


Regional Carriers a.k.a. Final-mile Carriers are an instrumental component our own supply chain and should be embraced as valuable business partners.

The ISCPO has developed a set of Carrier Security Requirements, which is fundamental for all transportation providers to adhere to in order to safe guard their customer’s freight.

It is our hope and desire that these ISCPO Carrier Security Requirements will be adopted by a majority of Final-Mile or Regional Carriers as well as the organizations that contract with them. By embracing these standards, the benefits to both parties are numerous but most importantly the Carriers can stand behind one set of requirements without having to manage various customer programs differently within the same space. It sets the Carrier up for success by reducing wasteful time and expense from the operation.

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Transportation providers will have the ability to obtain a Carrier Certification through the ISCPO. This Certification will be representative of the Security Requirements that have been adopted by the carrier.

For more information on this program please go to Transportation Carrier Certification or contact Glenn Master at

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