Iron Curtain Portable Barriers Protect Businesses

Iron Curtain Portable Barriers are a new patented way to protect your business from civil unrest, rioting, looting, theft, and weather. Unfortunately, difficult societal times are still with us. National/state elections, supreme court decisions, organized retail crime, and unpredictable weather (tropical storms, hurricanes, strong thunderstorms) are part of our lives. It is important to be prepared to protect your building, employees, and inventory.

The Iron Curtains are 9 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and weigh almost 1,900 pounds each. But, they can be easily moved into place with a simple pallet jack. Move as many as you need in place to form a wall as long as you want, then lock them together on the front and back. The units are highly sustainable as they are powder coated and will last decades outside. The Iron Curtains can be made in essentially any color to blend into your store theme. Ten of them will easily fit in one parking space at a convenient location on your business property. Or, they can be used to put signage on when directing customers for parking, order pick-ups, etc.

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