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Checkpoint Shield Tag

Checkpoint understands complex challenges presented by organized retail crime (ORC) in-stores. Our new Shield Tag helps prevent the removal of security labeling by thieves reselling products to unsuspecting customers. The Checkpoint Shielded Tag deters both opportunistic theft and ORC with an added layer to your EAS label, protecting without impacting brand.

Your Challenge

  • Visible tagging with EAS labels provides a great additional deterrent, however thieves may still try to remove the labels in-store and bypass EAS systems at the door.
  • Goods that have their original labeling are removed by ORC thieves in-store who steal to resell as new.

Our Solution

  • A clear, strong material overlay that protects the EAS label, making it harder to remove the label in-store.
  • Aggressive adhesive and engineered designed to resist attempted removal.
  • Can be supplied with plain, black lock logo, or customized EAS labels.
  • Slows down the EAS label removal process by up to 10x (Checkpoint internal study, 2021)

Rise of Organized Retail Crime

  • 97…of US retailers have been targeted by organized retail crime1
  • $4.8bn+Total estimated cost of ORC to US retailers in 20192
  • 75%…of retail loss prevention executives report that ORC has increased in 20203
  • 60%……increase in losses due to ORC in 2020 compared to 20153

1. PYMNTS, The rise of organized – and disorganized – crime in physical retail, Jan. 2020
2. Centre for Retail Research, Crime comparisons, 2019
3. PYMNTS, Organized retail crime is growing, Jan. 2021

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