Inside Scoop with a Fraudster Podcast | Ep. 2

Alexander Hall

Episode Two of the Inside Scoop with a Fraudster podcast continues the revealing conversation between LP Magazine’s Stefanie Hoover and Alexander Hall. Listen in as Stefanie and Alex delve into credit card fraud techniques and ways to defeat it. Hear how easy it is to obtain information and equipment to set up a credit card fraud scheme and how much we depend on our frontline employees to help us prevent these frauds. If you have questions for Alex or areas you want Stefanie to cover, please submit them for Episode 3 to

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About the fraudster: Alexander Hall spent the first ten years of his career involved in nefarious activities, until 2017, after the birth of his daughter, when he decided to take another path. Alexander is currently a Manager of Chargeback Operations with Apruvd and founder of Dispute Defense Consulting. He has worked with Card Not Present and Merchant Fraud Journal among many others as a subject matter expert. He conducts a Fraud Prevention Roundtable series on LinkedIn and can be reached at

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