Inpixon Joins Forces with National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association

Free Trial of New RF-enabled Video Analytics Available to NAORCA and Regional ORC Association Members

Inpixon, a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, announced it is collaborating with the National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association to combat retail crime by providing a free 90-day trial offer for IPA Video™ to retail members of national or regional organized retail crime (ORC) associations. IPA Video uses a unique, patent-pending process that correlates radio frequency (RF) device presence—meaning what phones are present—to each security video frame in order to help retailers identify persons-of-interest (POI) to follow them across cameras and off-camera, and to be alerted when the POIs return to the facility.

Andrew Chapman

“Organized retail crime costs the retail industry nearly $30 billion per year, and 92 percent of companies surveyed had been a victim of ORC in the past year,” said Andrew Chapman, Inpixon® vice president of sales, retail and entertainment. “As criminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to harm companies’ profits, retailers need to leverage new tools and advanced technology. We believe IPA Video can help retailers fight back, and that’s why we’re happy to make our technology available in this no-cost, trial offer.”

“Video is a great tool to fight ORC, but sometimes you don’t obtain the necessary picture frame needed,” noted Christopher McGourty, NAORCA founder. “Inpixon’s IPA Video addresses tough, persistent problems in the traditional video surveillance market, because it can help identify and track suspects if their face is obscured at the time of the incident, in low- or no-light conditions, or even as a suspect roams building areas where cameras are not accessible. I believe Inpixon’s IPA takes security video and video analytics to another level, and I’m excited to take it to our NAORCA members and retailers.”

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IPA Video includes a number of unique features including:

  • Find and Follow® Analytics—tag and follow a person of interest across scenes and backward and forward in time.
  • Rapid Search Narrowing—narrow persons of interest based on entrance of arrival, scene departure, and other factors to rapidly access related camera views.
  • Cross-scene Commonality—discover commonality between scenes independent of scene obscurities, lighting conditions, and alterations in person-of-interest appearance.
  • Cross-day Search—analyze the behavior of persons of interest across multiple days.

“I’m intrigued by the new benefits that may be derived by applying this RF device positioning technology to enhance my video management system,” said Kevin Darnell, director of asset and revenue management for Caleres, a St. Louis, Missouri-based footwear company with 1,200 retail stores globally. “I look forward to working alongside law enforcement to apply new technologies to combat organized retail crime.”

For more information and eligibility requirements for the 90-day introductory trial offer, click here. The offer is valid June 12 to October 15, 2019. Some restrictions may apply.

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