Information in Action: The NRF 2015 ORC Study

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    Did you know that eight in 10 retailers were victims of ORC activity in 2013?  The National Retail Federation’s annual Organized Retail Crime Survey is a tool that will help to bring additional awareness to the impact that these types of crimes have on the retail industry, the economy, and ultimately the retail consumer.

    Organized Retail Crime (ORC) deals with professional shoplifters, crime networks, cargo theft, Internet crimes, and other organized criminal activities that occur in the retail setting. These highly organized, often mobile and sometimes complex groups and their hierarchies provide a tremendous threat to the retail industry. The primary objective of these professional crime rings is to target retailers across a geographical area or cyber network, stealing from these organizations for the purpose of turning products into financial gain, rather than for personal use.

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    The NRF 2015 ORC Study explores numerous aspects of these issues across 20 questions, including ORC activity levels, company resources allocated, fencing, merchandise credits and gift cards, and cargo theft, among other areas. Increased participation in the survey ultimately enhances our research efforts and strengthens our message and our results. All companies who participate in the survey byAugust 3rdwill receive an early copy of the full report.

    To participate in the 2015 ORC Survey, please visit

    If you have further questions regarding the survey or to learn more about retail loss prevention and what the NRF does, contact Bob Moraca,

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