Impact Security Expands the DefenseLite Product Portfolio

Retrofit Glazing Solutions to Protect from Forced Entry

During times of pandemic and civil unrest, the prevalence of retail smash and grab events escalate at alarming rates. A vast majority of these crimes start at the glass windows and doors in the storefront where security is most vulnerable. Not only can these events result in stolen merchandise, but amid riots and mass looting, the toll can be devastating to businesses. In addition, building owners have been forced to adapt their facilities to encourage social distancing and control COVID-19 infection. In response, Impact Security has engineered practical retrofit solutions to meet these new world challenges head-on.

Jeff Franson
Jeff Franson

“The foundation of our company and the impetus for expanding our product range is built on offering affordable retrofit solutions our customers need. Solutions that help buildings perform better while making employees and customers safer—period,” said Jeff Franson, president of Impact Security.

To thwart smash and grab crime, DefenseLite® keeps the bad guys outside. A patented retrofit glazing technology designed to protect against intruders and minimize damage from break-ins, DefenseLite has changed the game for loss prevention. This advanced forced entry protection is engineered using architectural grade, UV-coated polycarbonate shields and proprietary anchoring mechanisms that install over existing doors, windows, and storefronts. DefenseLite blends seamlessly with the building’s existing glazing and is an elegant solution that is 250 times stronger than glass alone.

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Independently tested with several different blunt force objects, including batons, hammers, hatchets, and sledgehammers, DefenseLite is the ideal solution for retail storefronts, schools and universities, governmental agencies, and other at-risk buildings. DefenseLite keeps the bad guys outside.

BulletShield® is Impact Security’s bullet resistant version of DefenseLite, providing an impressive layer of clear glazing protection tested to meet and exceed forced entry and UL752 ballistic standards. BulletShield is like “body armor for window and doors” and can be customized for any glass opening needing ballistic protection.

Clear COVID barrier
Clear COVID barrier

Impact Security has trained dealers and installation professionals available throughout North America to support business demands for anti-smash and grab capabilities, advanced ballistic protection, personal protective screens, and faceshields. For more information about the complete range of DefenseLite solutions, visit our website or call 888-689-5502.

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