Illustra Launches New Micro Camera with Exceptional Video Quality

Tyco Security Products introduces the new Illustra Pro 2 megapixel micro camera series. This small, covert camera provides a low profile, high performance video solution.

Ideal for ATMs, banks, hospitals, retail stores and other locations where a small camera is needed, the Illustra micro camera gives users a discreet form factor while also providing high definition video quality. The Illustra Micro camera delivers 1080p video at 30 frames per second for capturing clear details.

The Illustra Pro micro camera series comes with a main unit, 20 foot cable and sensor units. This allows users the flexibility to easily install the small sensor unit in a specific, tight location while placing the main unit in another location out of sight. This Illustra camera offers several lens options for multiple fields of view including telephoto and wide angle lenses.

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The Illustra Micro camera features exceptional video quality in high contrasting lighting situations with wide dynamic range. Additionally, the camera’s corridor mode function rotates to the most optimal image orientation with a 9×16 field of view aspect ratio.

Illustra Micro Camera“The new Illustra micro camera provides our customers with even greater flexibility with its covert size,” said Steve Carney, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Video and Integration Platforms, Tyco Security Products. “Unlike any other camera in the Illustra Pro line, the introduction of this micro camera presents a solution that can easily blend into any environment for special applications where space is an issue.”

Compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software and recorders, the Illustra micro camera can be easily configured into a video security system. The camera supports an on-board SD card for convenient video storage and video recording inside the camera with exacqVision Edge VMS software.

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